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Call for Abstracts

PNA UK is happy to announce the PNA UK World Café Convention 2021 and calls for the submission of abstracts and posters. PNA UK is the recognized professional organization of Philippine trained Nurses in the United Kingdom and a registered UK Charity. PNA UK makes its educational and learning resources available to scholars, researchers, students and nurses from all disciplines around the world. The association’s wealth of information offers advocacy and support in the academe and in the clinical workplace.

The PNA UK Committee is particularly keen to receive abstracts outlining research, education and policy which speak to our world cafe conference theme: Nursing the World Together.

Our conference theme of ‘Nursing the World Together’ is a celebration of the central role of nurses in providing excellent compassion, care and maximizing the ability to deliver health to the global healthcare landscape for people across their life course. We particularly welcome submissions that map closely to this theme. However, submissions are welcome on any topic relating to research and educational activities in nursing and healthcare both in the UK and internationally. We are welcoming both long (10 min plus 5 min Q&A) and short (3 min plus 2 min Q&A) oral presentations. The programme has been carefully planned, however, to ensure that there will be the same number of total presentation slots at this year’s meeting as there have been in the past.

We hope that you will come and join us in October 2021 to enjoy the conference and the social events.

Poster-Abstract Criteria

  • Word count limit – 400 words

  • 1 figure or 1 table

  • 5 references


01 October 2021

Author Submission Guidelines

Abstracts must be submitted via this website and by email to


Please read the submission rules before submitting an abstract.

Review and Selection

Entries will be peer reviewed by PNAUK reviewers and independent peer reviewers

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