Cielito Caneja

    Cielito is an Advanced Research Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Respiratory in a Leading National Health Service in London. Her research and practise underpinned with providing quality of life in Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COVID-19 and  with special interest in Digital Health and Interventional Pulmonology.

    She is a National Institute  Health Research ARC Leadership Fellow. She continues to promote evidence-based practise in Allied Health Care and in facilitating the amalgamation of conventional and informatic health care.

     She is committed to the premise of education to initiate, promote, and develop services. She completed her Masters’ Degree in Cardio-Respiratory Nursing, Diploma in Clinical Medicine in Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading academic institution in medicine and science.  She further her studies in Quality Improvement Leadership in Institute for Healthcare Improvement American Board Medical Specialties advancing Bronchoscopy Nursing. She was awarded the Joint Research Committee Grant for leading the Bronchoscopy Nursing Studies. She holds Post Graduate studies in Independent Nurse Practise from Florence Nightingale- Kings College London and Nursing Education in Thames Valley University. She is a Faculty of Bronchoscopy Module National Heart and Lung Institute- Royal Brompton Hospital London. She has published multiple clinical and scientific publications with global citations. Editorial board in the Physicians Journal an open access international journal. Additionally, Cielito is a member of the International Coalition of Respiratory Nurses and Nurses Group Panel 09.03 The European Respiratory Society, an international organisation that unites physicians, scientist, and other experts working in respiratory medicine.

     Cielito have diverse training and nursing experience from Asia and Middle East. On her early career as a newly qualified nurse, she was recognised for her voluntary services in the National Health Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in Trauma and High-Rise Rescue in  Philippines. These services amplified in her active response in the National Health Service and community in London during the pandemic. More recently she had completed the Mental Health First Aid England Instructors Course and is an Instructor in Training to support the community, patients, and colleagues.

     A journey of more than 20 years in Nursing and these qualifications and expertise are made possible by a great team and mentors, dedicating their life and services for the benefit of their patients. Inspired, grateful and humbled by a great team/mentors who stayed grounded despite their achievements and accolades, Cielito aim to pass on the same values and further develop the next generation.