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How different is PNAUK from other nursing organizations?

PNA-UK is driven by the unique needs and issues of its actual and potential members as well as the recipients of its services. PNAUK is a recognised professional nursing organization of professional nurses in the UK.

There are so many nursing organizations out there already, can't you just merge or be part of these long-established ones?

PNA-UK seeks to work together with the nursing groups to promote the interests of nursing and the public. In essence, PNAUK is committed to professional networking cognizant of the fact that the attainment of its mission/vision is optimized by its continuing collaboration and at times, affiliation with other nursing organizations.


PNA-UK aims to UNITE all the nursing organizations currently existing today by setting standards and collaborating together efforts and resources.


What is PNAUK’s purpose?


PNA-UK primarily focuses on professional networking, member benefits and services. Education and development of Filipino nursing practice to a higher level of standard is also an objective.


Why should I join PNA - UK?


Through the association’s services, programs and initiatives, PNAUK shapes Filipino nursing practice to the highest standards. PNAUK is committed to providing nursing professionals, from novice to expert, a wide range of tools to enhance their careers.


What can PNA-UK do for me as an individual?


Educational programs; networking and interacting with peers; participation in committees and events involving Filipino Nurses; achieve recognition backed up by PNAUK, participate in health policy initiatives through PNAUK’s Government Relation staff, and receiving publications and news relating to the latest developments in the Filipino nursing profession.

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