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Premier Overseas Education Webinar

Want the best UK education for your child and you want to get started now?  Join us and watch the HSBC Premier Overseas Education webinar focusing on UK and know the answers to most common questions about studying there.

Topics will include:

  • Benefits of a UK education

  • Study options and types of universities in the UK

  • Planning for overseas education in the UK

  • Living and working in the UK

  • Student visa application requirements

HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking is inviting you to its Premier Overseas Education webinar on Nov. 11, 6pm MNL time / 11am UK time.  This is the 3rd POE webinar with focus on the UK as the destination country. 

HSBC have invited resources speakers to discuss topics such as benefits of a UK education, study options & types of universities in the UK, how to plan for overseas education & living and working conditions in the UK and student visa application requirements. 

Register here

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