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Financial Scams on the Rise

London, United Kingdom. 18 October 2020. 


          There has been an increase in financial scams over the recent months. The latest of these Financial Scam targets newly arrived nurses in the United Kingdom. Recently, one of the internationally trained nurses got scammed by someone claiming from the Inland Revenue. The scammers were very sophisticated and knew a lot of information about the nurse including information about her recent passing the OSCE and registration with the NMC as an overseas trained nurse. 

            The scammers directed the unsuspecting nurse to an official looking website where she was asked to log-in and enter her other details. The unsuspecting nurse was then asked to pay £900 with the penalty being doubled if not paid and settled within 24-hours. 

        Another scam proliferating is a SMS text message being received by individual users advising them of a HMRC Tax refund. The fraudsters alleging to be from HMRC sends text messages to the unsuspecting members of the public informing them of tax refunds or unclaimed rebates. Messages will usually contain official looking links that ask for further information. 

          HMRC has released a statement informing customers that HMRC will never contact customers by text or email if they are due a tax refund. HMRC will also never ask for your bank account details or any personal information by email or text. Please do not respond or do not click on any links contained in the message.

          PNA UK would like to warn its members and the general public to be aware of this financial scam. More particularly, newly arrived Filipino nurses in the UK and those who have arrived within the last year.


           New Philippine Nurses are invited to attend the PNA UK Meet and Greet and be informed of current news and events. PNA UK's Meet and Greet program are supportive with most NHS Trusts adaptation-bridging program for newly arrived overseas trained nurses. The program involves discussions of the ins and outs of adjusting to UK life and pastoral care and support. PNA UK is committed to assist new nurses coming in from the Philippines and ensure that they are well equipped to avoid scams.

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