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Welcoming New Filipino Nurses in the UK and Helping them survive the 1st month


Philippine Nurses are really good team players and knows one of the best ways to do this is by collaborating and networking with other like-minded people/organisations.


There is no better way to showcase that harmonious relationship PNAUK has with Manong George and the Filipino UK Nurses Community in welcoming new nurses from the Philippines.



The online tele-conference meeting is focused on helping the newly-arrived nurses to acclimatise and adapt to life in the UK.


Topics presented are knowing your area, introduction to the UK transport system and understanding communication, all of which are relevant to a Filipino migrant nurse in the UK. A Q&A session with members of PNAUK is always held after the presentation.


The meetings have been very successful with participants from Scotland , Northern Ireland and even the Philippines having joined previous online meetings.


The programme have received positive feedback from previous active participants, most of whom became regular allies of our partner organisations.


Recently, we have also worked closely with the North West London NHS Trust in welcoming their new Philippine Nurses here in the UK and also committed to doing the same for succeeding arrivals in the coming months.


PNAUK, Manong George and Filipino UK Nurses share the same commitment to ensure we are all able to help our new Philippine nurses make their first days here in the UK more memorable and more reassuring, knowing that as they leave their families at home, another group of people are able to offer a similar kinship and support.


Nurses collaborate and coordinate because together, we are definitely stronger.



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